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Flow Massage

Free to flow session

Integral Pelvic Therapy - coming soon

This massage got me back into the natural flow around me

This was one of the most naturally flowing connected intuitive massages that I have had. In the deep relaxation with connected touch that was moving very much in line with my internal experiences, a lot of confusion and sticking points in my life became very clear. I would say that this massage got me back into the natural flow around me, as grandiose as this may sound, it was my genuine experience and I am very grateful to Jonna for this.

– Chris

Highly recommend it!

Releases your inner self. Releases you of anything that’s weighing you down and helps you express yourself and open up. Highly recommend it! 10/10

– Marko

Tantra can really be magical

I felt more free and so much lighter after the tantra workshop Jonna gave three weeks ago. Tantra can really be magical. Jonna, you have given a really beautiful workshop. By giving these kinds of workshops you are a true bringer of freedom, pureness and happiness.

– Brenda

An amazing journey

Yuna gifted me with a beautiful and unexpected session. She guided me through an amazing journey that connected the parts of myself that I had perceived as being isolated. The images that were created within me during this magical moment of healing are still with me. Thank you, Yuna, for seeing and doing what you did, exactly when I needed it. I do hope, that many more people will be able to share a “healing ride“ with you!

– Manya

About me

My name is Jonna de Greef. I believe in the power of the experience and embodiment. I do not consider myself a teacher or healer. My strength lies in creating a safe space and giving the guidance that will help YOU to find your own truth. Tapping into your inner knowledge and the wisdom of your body. That way you will receive exactly the lessons that will help you forward in this moment and because you embody them it will help to integrate them.

I offer Free to Flow sessions to dive into your inner world, massages to help you come into the natural flow, and soon I will be offering Integral Pelvic Therapy sessions for women. Send me a message if you want to know more.


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Empowering women WITHOUT dis-empowering men

In Holland there is a big movement happening in the tantra community. A website has been launched to report sexual abuse during professional tantra sessions. The number of reports that is coming in about men in the tantric work field who are overstepping boundaries is...

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