– The power of transition periods, rituals, giving birth to a new piece in my work (and life) –

Two years ago I came back to Holland and decided it was time to bring something into this world. After a few years of intense personal transformation, I felt the calling to be a guide for others in their transformation and assist them in the journey of discovering and uncovering parts of themselves.

What I’ve discovered in these two years is that life is ever changing and always evolving. I have guided some beautiful workshops and had to cancel some workshops, my massages have evolved into deep journeys and my sessions have turned out to still be in the transition phase. Sometimes I could let this be and be patient, but a lot of the times I felt stuck and got insecure. Was I doing something wrong? Am I not good enough for this work? I am seeing now that both are not true and in a sense they are true.

Everything in life has cycles
Just like nature. There is a seed, that might grow into a living being under the right circumstances, going through all phases of life and then dying and returning into the bigger network, only to nurture and feed another being coming into life. The seasons reflect this as well, nature comes to life in spring, fully expanding in luscious joy in summer, letting go in fall and turning in and resting during winter, only to rebirth again in spring. We human beings have the tendency to resist this natural flow of life. Me too 😉. Resisting letting go, afraid of the nothingness in winter, the darkness, the not knowing. We want to be up and expanding the whole time. But to resist that process, is to resist the natural flow of life. We need the balance.

And I’m also someone who resists the time it takes to grow, the transition periods are taking too long for me. But a tree is not growing into a big oak in a few months. When it just pops into the light, it’s a delicate, young plant. Pulling on it will harm it. It takes it’s time to grow. The trunk to get thick and strong. To be able to hold the different branches to grow out. Enough light to let it grow leaves. The roots to grow deeper and wider into the ground so the tree can grow taller and still stand strong. It is an act of balancing all directions.

And that is exactly where I am at. The workshops I was bringing were beautiful, but felt like 1 year flowers. It is time to focus on something bigger. Something that grows into a big tree. And maybe even a forest.

I have taken some time to work on myself, to prepare the soil so to speak. In that transition period I went inwards. Listening. Meeting expectations, fears, limiting beliefs. Learning from them and letting go when it was time. And a seed is now growing inside of me. Life has given me the lessons I needed. And exactly those lessons I would love to carry out into the world. But not yet. These are not flowers that pop up. This is a forest. So I need to give it the time it needs to grow. Becoming a mother of my ideas, patiently carrying them inside, nurturing, giving them enough water and light, being with them until they are fully grown and ready to be birthed into life.

What does this mean practically?

In the coming months I will work out my new ideas. Sharing about them if the timing is right. Introducing them to the world in a way that feels right.
Until that time, you are still welcome for:

  • a beautiful massage, a journey into your inner landscapes, a re-centering of your being
  • a Flow session, also a journey inwards, looking into your patterns and beliefs, making space for transformation.
  • Sacred rituals. I will be organizing some beautiful gatherings, where we play, learn, uncover, connect. Using rituals, dance and the power of community.

I feel grateful for this new softness in me. The loving acceptance of the natural flow of life. I just love how what I want to bring into the world, is exactly what I need for myself as well. How it is taking me deeper into myself and showing me where I can love myself more and bring in more of me. All in divine timing. Free to flow.

With love,

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