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I offer different ways of support; massages and sessions. How do you choose what is right for you? I will explain how I see the bigger picture of personal growth and well being and how I may assist you on your path. At the bottom of this page you’ll find everything I offer and you can click for more information about each specific offering.

My biggest growth comes from allowing energy to flow, meeting all the things that obstruct the energy flow, connecting with my own body and the connection with others.

Every time you experience something, an emotion rises in your body. And every time we don’t allow ourselves to feel that emotion, whether by choice or because we are not capable at that moment, it gets stuck in your body. Also, our belief systems (the ones we create out of experiences or simply take over from our environment) can create tightness in our body and restrictions for the energy to flow through us. And the more we push it away, the more layers we create. This creates discomfort in how we feel, but may also show up in our body. Diseases are stuck energy: dis-ease. Not in ease. Not flowing freely.

For example, if you have learned as a child that your anger was not welcome (most likely because your parents were raised the same way and never learned to deal with anger in a healthy way), you will experience a discomfort every time anger arises. You will ignore it, try to push it away, block it, judge it, create fear or resentment about it. And that will become a big ball of stuck energy in your body (mostly in the stomach area, but it can have an effect on a lot of places). When that suppressed energy becomes too big to handle, you may lash out when someone triggers that anger, with a lot of force because of the high build up pressure inside of you. Or you might try to avoid any kind of anger in and towards you, you give up your boundaries and own wishes and try to agree and compromise with everything. As you can imagine that lifestyle will eventually feel wrong as well. Where this mechanism served you very well as a young child to keep you safe, now it is not that serving anymore.

Anger is strongly related to your power. So by not allowing your anger, you also hold back the energy of your power. By coming into contact with the anger again and slowly peel off the layers and allow the feelings back into your body, you will at the same time gain back a lot of your own power. You can learn healthy ways to deal with anger so you won’t have to suppress it in the future and the energy can move freely in your body. The more energy can move freely, the happier and healthier you’ll feel. And this essentially works this way for all surpressed emotions.

In essence, we are love. We are whole. We are flow. The only thing we have to do is remember. Because of all the layers we have built, that can be difficult at times. I believe the path to freedom is to reconnect with the body, start listening, un-layer ourselves and feel that pure love again, the life force energy, our essence. And for that, we have to meet those layers, be willing to face them and love them. In my sessions and workshops we go into the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and social levels, because they are all connected and work together.

The massage is a really gentle way, without talking, just feeling what is alive in your body. The Free to Flow sessions is a gentle way into your inner world, an exploration into feelings. Click on the modules below for more detailed information, or send me a message if you have a specific question or want advice.

Flow Massage

Free to flow session

Integral Pelvic Therapy - coming soon

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