• Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Are you dealing with a fight, flight or freeze response and can you use some support?
  • Do you feel confused about a certain topic in your life and want to talk about it?
  • Are you more in your head than in your body?
  • Are you feeling emotional or fearful and looking for some tools to be with those emotions??

I would be happy to support you in a coaching session, online or in my office.

In a coaching session my highest aim is to help you step into your own power and wisdom. I can offer you the tools and my own gathered wisdom, but it is up to you to work with them and find your own source of power.

Life is moving at a high speed. And we are moving along with it, with our own set of beliefs, hopes, dreams, emotions, patterns, survival mechanisms and even trauma. It makes total sense that sometimes you feel overwhelmed by it all and don’t know how to move through it all, it can just be too much to carry alone. So at times, it can be very helpful to receive some loving guidance. Someone to be there with you when you feel the pain and sadness, holding you in unconditional love. Someone who sees the beauty and power in you through it all and can help you remember. Someone who understands the struggle, who has been there as well. Someone who listens and can give you honest feedback.

Taking the step to face this can be scary, but you reading this means that you are ready to make a change. And I would be honored to be there with you.


The session can take place online in a videocall, or in my office in Klarenbeek. The duration depends on your wishes. If you need urgent support, having some immediate help when you feel panicked for example, it can be a shorter videocall. We can of course also take a longer time, to really go into whatever it is you need in that moment.

Appointments canceled within 24 hours before (without a good reason, and I’m a very reasonable person) will be charged for 50% (except emergency calls made on the day itself)

Rate per 15 minutes: €15

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