• Are you tired of facing life’s challenges alone?
  • Do you long for real connections from heart to heart?
  • Are you interested to meet yourself by meeting others?
  • Would you like to have a place to go to where you will be accepted exactly as you are, in whatever state that may be?

Then the CommUnity evenings are for you!

Living in a tribe, coming together on important days, taking care of each other, supporting each other’s growth, holding a ceremony for specific life changes; in a lot of cultures this is normal. But in the western world we have learned to be independant and ‘strong’, individualism is a goal. I believe we have lost the connection by living that way. The connection to ourselves, our intuition, the people around us, nature and spirit. The effect of being together, connecting, sharing, being seen for who you are, healing and supporting each other can have a big impact. That is what I want to offer in the CommUnity evenings. The focus is to come together as a tribe. The program will support you in your own growth, may challenge you at times, but is always focussed on letting you go home again feeling nourished, loved and seen.

What to expect?

  • Lots of cuddles
  • A warm and cosy atmosphere, where every state of being is welcome
  • Every time a different program in Amsterdam or Utrecht, focussing on connection and personal growth. A few examples to give you a taste: cuddle evenings, sharing circles, cacao ceremonie, light tantric workshops, massage or other light touch exercises. And much more! I am also open to suggestions, so if you’re longing for something, do let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


The CommUnity evenings will start again soon and will take place in Amsterdam or Utrecht.

The price is donation based, with a minimum for some nights where I have special costs, like a cacao ceremony. I am a strong believer of community living, doing it together as a tribe. I want everyone to be able to join us, without money being a reason not to come. Everyone is free to pay what they feel the evening is worth for them and what they feel is in balance with their financial situation. So if you have a bigger budget you may consider helping out someone who has a smaller budget by giving a bit more. I put my trust in everyone’s own integrity in this and also in the bigger collective energy.

You can find the upcoming workshops in the events on the Facebook page.

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