• Is your body tense?
  • Do you have trouble opening up to your feelings?
  • Is your life energy not flowing freely?
  • Do you experience blockages on certain subjects, like anger, sexuality, speaking up, sorrow?
  • Do you long to be supported in your process, instead of facing it alone?

Then a de-armouring session might be just the thing you need

In your life you experience a lot. Whenever you experience something that is too much for that moment, you block the energy. That blocked energy gets stored in your physical body. The more you push down certain emotions, the stronger the blockages become. They call this ‘armour’. It actually is a very healthy protection mechanism from your body; protecting you from something too intense for you to handle at that moment in time. But at some point, the protection is not serving you anymore, it causes more discomfort than protection. That’s when it is time to release the stuck energy, feel whatever needs to be felt, without going into the story. The more of these armours you release, the more free you will feel.
You might have heard stories about de-armouring already. Stories about how painful it is and how it opens up so much you feel overwhelmed afterwards. This is not how I offer it. Yes, some points on your body might be sensitive, but we always stay within a certain range. It is important that you are able to relax into the pressure and open up to it, not close down even more.

What does a de-armouring session with me look like?

We will start with an intake, to discuss possible health issues, your intention for the session and boundaries. Once you’re ready you may lie down, fully undressed or with your underwear on, whatever makes you feel most comfortable. I will take my time to help you land and relax. We will work a lot with breath, sound, movement and of course the pressure points. I will start applying pressure on certain points in your body, where a lot of people have stored energy. By releasing the energy, you may also release emotions, sounds, tears, laughter, shaking etc etc. All is welcome in a session. I will be there to hold you, guide you through it all and keep a safe container. The intention is for you to feel it, allow it, but not be completely overtaken by it. Working like this will give you the imprint of feeling safe while feeling whatever you may feel in that moment, which will empower you.

I work on the exterior of the body only. When we have visited all the pressure points, you can rest for a bit before we finish the session.
For a deeper process, it is also possible to combine the de-armouring with a Free to Flow session. We can dive deeper into whatever is alive for you after the de-armouring. Because the energy is flowing already, it is easier to work with certain subjects and dive deeper into emotions and patterns.


The de-armouring sessions are without clothes or only your underwear on, whatever makes you feel more comfortable. They are not sexual (which does not mean that you cannot feel sexual, just that there are clear boundaries and that there is no sexual interaction between me and you).

I will reserve enough time so you can arrive and settle in with a cup of tea before, but also that I don’t have to cut you off in the middle of a process and we have enough time to round it off properly before you walk out again. So for your own planning it’s good to reserve 30 minutes extra as well.

The sessions are given in different locations, at the moment in Amsterdam or Utrecht. It’s also possible to do them in the comfort of your own home, as long as we have a space where we will not be disturbed and you feel free to express yourself. There will be an extra fee for travel expenses and in case of parking costs.

Appointments canceled within 24 hours before (without a good reason, I’m a very reasonable person) will be charged for 50%.

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90 min de-armouring


120 min de-armouring
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