• Is there an emotion or a certain feeling that you cannot fully allow or not at all?
  • Do you have a subject in your life you want to investigate further?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed at times and want to learn how to stay connected to your center?
  • Does it feel like you have stuck energy in your body?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your body?
  • Do you experience difficulty fully breathing into your belly?
  • Do you want to experience your full potential, full presence and allow life to flow through you unresticted?

Then I welcome you for a Free to Flow session!

I work intuitively, on the physical, mental and energetic level, so every session is different. I will be guided by my intuition and use different tools, such as touch (light and if needed some deeper touch, but never painful), using the breath, guiding you into your subconscious, meditations, movement, sound and tantric practices (without it getting sexual, tantra is much more than the sexual part).
Your body has so much wisdom, so it’s time to surrender. In the session every emotion is welcome, I will create a safe space and my experience is that exactly that which is ready to show itself will surface. You decide how deep you want to go, by trusting the greater energy and wisdom. If your intention is to feel safe and loved, then that is what you’ll experience. If your intention is to dive deep, then that’s where we’ll go. We will set this intention at the beginning of the session, together with some boundaries.

After a session you can feel more open, energetic, embodied, clear-minded and soft. A single session can make a big change already, but for the deeper processes, it is good to do a couple of sessions. Most blockages are not build up in a single event, so they need to be released on several levels. This needs to be done at the pace that the body can handle. If you release too many armours at once, you’ll feel so unsafe that you’ll quickly put up new armours and you might end up more blocked in the end. So listening to the body and respecting its pace is important in the sessions.
For an even deeper process we can combine the Free to Flow session with a de-armouring session. I will work on the body first, opening it up, getting you into your body and help you to release some of the stuck energy. Once you are ready, we will dive deeper into the emotions, beliefs or patterns that you want to explore. More information about the de-armouring can be found here.

An amazing journey

Yuna gifted me with a beautiful and unexpected session. She guided me through an amazing journey that connected the parts of myself that I had perceived as being isolated. The images that were created within me during this magical moment of healing are still with me. Thank you, Yuna, for seeing and doing what you did, exactly when I needed it. I do hope, that many more people will be able to share a “healing ride“ with you!



The Free to Flow sessions are with your clothes on and not sexual (which does not mean that you cannot feel sexual, just that there are clear boundaries and that there is no sexual interaction between me and you). When you add de-armouring, this will be without clothes or only your underwear, whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

I will reserve enough time so you can arrive and settle in with a cup of tea before, but also that I don’t have to cut you off in the middle of a process and we have enough time to round it off properly before you walk out again. So for your own planning it’s good to reserve 30 minutes extra as well.

The sessions are given in different locations, at the moment in Amsterdam or Utrecht. It’s also possible to do them in the comfort of your own home, as long as we have a space where we will not be disturbed and you feel free to express yourself. There will be an extra fee for travel expenses and in case of parking costs.

Appointments canceled within 24 hours before (without a good reason, I’m a very reasonable person) will be charged for 50%.

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