• Are you longing for a deeper connection with your partner?
  • Are you curious about tantra but you don’t feel like going to a workshop with a whole group?
  • Do you want to learn new ways of communicating with each other?
  • Are you looking for a way to celebrate your love together, maybe as a gift to your partner?

Then I would be honered to guide you in this precious ceremony for two.

We will create a sacred space, in which I will guide you through different experiences together. The ceremony will be designed especially for the two of you, depending on your wishes and intentions. The space and exercises will invite you into a deeper connection, from which you learn important tools for communication and connection.

Depending on your wishes, a few examples of what we can include are:

  • tantric meditations
  • love puja
  • devotional practice
  • intimacy practices
  • touch
  • massage
  • It is also possible to include a cacao ceremony, which allows you to open up your heart even more

Jonna was patient, loving and we both felt very comfortable in her presence. Even when we went through a difficult process, Jonna stayed calm and held space for us so we could work it out together. This was very helpful and at the last exercise, we found each other in a sweet and compassionate embrace. It became very clear that we still have things to work out in our relationship, but our love grew and we experienced more openness and less ego after the workshop.

Anyone who would like a fun and meaningful thing to do with his or her partner I would recommend inviting Jonna to their homes.



The ceremony can be held in my session space, at the moment in Utrecht or Amsterdam. If you’d rather be in the comfort of your own home, this is also possible and may feel more personal, that way you can stay in your bubble together after the ceremony. I can bring my supplies to your house, as long as we have a quiet space where we will not be disturbed during the ceremony. There will be an extra fee for travel expences and in case of parking costs.

The price depends on your wishes and how long the ceremony will take. To discuss the options, please feel free to contact me

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