• Are you ready to dive in deeper?
  • Do you want to learn about yourself through the connection with others?
  • Are you willing to open up to the magic that is all around us?
  • Do you want to feel more open and free?
  • Are you longing to show yourself in your most vulnerable ánd most powerful state?


Then I warmly welcome you in one of my workshops!

The workshops offer a space where you can go deeper than in the CommUnity evenings, but still have the power of the group to support you in the most loving way.

The workshops will be on different levels of intimacy, clearly described in the event itself. I draw inspiration from my tantric and shamanic schooling to offer you experiences, and combine that with down to earth tools to integrate those experiences so you will grow on a personal level. We will go into different subjects, investigating how you feel about it, meeting your patterns, beliefs, fears, and longings and finding that sweet spot where you are able to soften around them and expand. In every workshop you are the one deciding how deep you want to go, I encourage you to stay in touch with your own boundaries and intentions. Everything is welcome, your empowered self as much as your vulnerable inner child and all your emotions. My intention is to offer a space where you can open up as much as you’re comfortable with and feel touched and more open by the end of the evening.

I believe in the power of the experience and embodiment. I do not consider myself a teacher in the conventional way. My strength lies in creating a safe space and giving the guidance that will help you to find your own truth. Tapping into your inner knowledge and the wisdom of the body. That way you will receive exactly the lessons that will help you forward in this moment and because you embody them it will help to integrate them.

I love to work with the energy that is already all around us. We don’t always have to figure it out on our own and work hard. I see a lot of beauty happening by just allowing the energy to move (through) us, tapping in to the universal and earthly wisdom. Surrender to the flow of life.



The workshops will take place in Amsterdam or Utrecht.

Ticket prices depend on the workshop, you can always find them in the event.

You can find the upcoming workshops in the events on the Facebook page.

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