This massage got me back into the natural flow around me

This was one of the most naturally flowing connected intuitive massages that I have had. In the deep relaxation with connected touch that was moving very much in line with my internal experiences, a lot of confusion and sticking points in my life became very clear. I would say that this massage got me back into the natural flow around me, as grandiose as this may sound, it was my genuine experience and I am very grateful to Jonna for this.


Highly recommend it!

Releases your inner self. Releases you of anything that’s weighing you down and helps you express yourself and open up. Highly recommend it! 10/10


For anyone who is yearning to open their heart

Her willingness to live as an embodied example of allowing the totality of life experience and the thirst to live each moment to the utmost is a constant source of inspiration for those in her presence. That she lives in such a way while not denying the challenging aspects of facing our fears, wounds and shadows allows those in her care to give themselves permission to face these aspects of themselves too.

In Jonna, I have witnessed as much transformation of wound and limiting belief into power and power into generosity of sharing in a relatively short period of time as anyone who has crossed my path. She lives as an example that is not about how long you walk this path, but how fiercely are you committed to doing so in each moment. For anyone who is yearning to open their heart, love themselves and live each moment, Jonna is an incredible potential ally, support and living example of just that.

Eugene Hedlund

founder of

Tantra can really be magical

I felt more free and so much lighter after the tantra workshop Jonna gave three weeks ago. Tantra can really be magical. Jonna, you have given a really beautiful workshop. By giving these kinds of workshops you are a true bringer of freedom, pureness and happiness.



An amazing journey

Yuna gifted me with a beautiful and unexpected session. She guided me through an amazing journey that connected the parts of myself that I had perceived as being isolated. The images that were created within me during this magical moment of healing are still with me. Thank you, Yuna, for seeing and doing what you did, exactly when I needed it. I do hope, that many more people will be able to share a “healing ride“ with you!


I danced like I’ve never danced before

I joined one of Jonna’s workshops which uses dance to free yourself. Quite quickly Jonna created a safe place to explore ourselves. It made it easy for me to bring emotions to the surface, as well as for others. At the end, I danced like I’ve never danced before. Totally free to express myself and not held back by what others could think of it. Also supporting other dancers gave me insights about my qualities en strengths.
Thank you very much Yuna!


We both felt very comfortable in her presence
We wanted to have a day of compassion for ourselves – to reconnect and take care of each other. So, we invited Jonna to our home for an Intimacy Ceremony.

Jonna was patient, loving and we both felt very comfortable in her presence. Even when we went through a difficult process, Jonna stayed calm and held space for us so we could work it out together. This was very helpful and at the last exercise, we found each other in a sweet and compassionate embrace. It became very clear that we still have things to work out in our relationship, but our love grew and we experienced more openness and less ego after the workshop.

Anyone who would like a fun and meaningful thing to do with his or her partner I would recommend inviting Jonna to their homes.


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